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We are so glad to have you consider membership in WRASA. 

There are a few simple steps in the process of joining that you should be aware of before you begin:


  • email Registrar stating your interest in WRASA

  • complete membership application (link below)

  • complete swimming assessment 

  • await outcome of assessment and application  

If you receive an offer of a place in a training group, you will complete your registration online, including these steps

  • complete online registration and payment 

  • sign Code of Conduct - Athlete

  • sign Code of Conduct - Parent 

  • provide cheque to Registrar for Volunteer Deposit (summer only) ​

If you don't receive an offer, we regret that space is very limited and priority must go to our many returning swimmers. If you completed an Assessment, you will receive the Coach's feedback with tips for improvement. 


Our coaches and volunteers give every effort to make this a speedy and simple process. If you haven't received a response after 21 days of your application or 14 days of your assessment, feel free to contact the Club Registrar. 


The WRASA Membership Application Form is online. Please use this link to complete your application for membership.

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