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There is a lot of improtant information on this page that you need to review carefully so you and your swimmers get the most out of the Summer swimming season!

Make sure you read the Guppy Guidebook​ for all club policies, bylaws codes and expectations. 

Volunteering at WRASA is a whole team, whole season commitment. We are entirely reliant on you, our parent members, to put together fun club events and really make the season special for the kids. And that's what we all want, right? 

Official Meets

Below is the schedule and linkes to sign up for the meets that WRASA will attend this season. You MUST sign up online in order to be included on the event list for the meet. Please make a careful note of the deadlines. 

Club Events

A big part of WRASA is the summer fun we have as a team at our events. There are quite a few through the season and most need help from our parent volunteers. Use the links below to sign up to attend and to help at events. 


Part of your mambership obligation is to provide the club with 16 hours of volunteering through the season. Eight of those hours are to be served during WRASA WRACES and the other eight can be picked up at WRASA Events with volunteer opportunities listed below.


Please note that when your swimmer attends another club's meet, you are obliged to do one shift per weekend (timing and officiating) but that these shifts do NOT count toward WRASA volunteer hours. 

WRASA Season Opener

Our first event of the season is an orientation night for new families and a chance for everyone to meet their coaches, find out their training groups, get their training schedules and order their team uniform and training equipment. 

If you missed anything, here is the presentation deck:



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