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One of the best things about summer swimming is being part of a great community and family environment. Summer swimming is very much a family experience.

As with other sports, you will find that the effort you put in directly influences the experience your family will have. Running a swim club and swim meets takes an extraordinary amount of volunteer support. We really rely on everyone’s help. As such, we require each family to complete the following volunteer obligations:

  1. At least 8 hours (6 hours for OCATS starts July 1st at WRASA WRACES) – the swim meet we host

  2. At least 8 hours(6 hours for OCATS starts July 1st) general volunteering throughout the season

  3. At least for 5 timer shifts (4 timer shifts for OCATS starts July 1st) at swim meets (except WRASA WRACES and WRASA Development Meet)

Why We All Volunteer

We have lots of ways to fulfill the volunteer hours, so don’t be shy about asking. Volunteer opportunities will be posted regularly via and you can track your hours online. There are lots of ways to get involved and you are sure to find something you love to do.

To ensure the equal participation and the overall success of the club, a non-participation cheque in the amount of $500.00 per family is required (post-dated to August 1st of the current year) before your swimmer(s) can enter the water.


This non-participation cheque will only be cashed if you do not meet your participation requirements. In the event of an early withdrawal after the 2 weeks, your non-participation cheque will be cashed. WRASA does not make exceptions. Families that do not complete their hours will have their cheque deposited without notice.

So, get involved! Have fun! Learn something new!


Have a great year!

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